Chocolate Advent calendars

The story of advent calendars

We are finally getting closer to the most special time of the year: Christmas!

And, what would Christmas be without advent calendars, one of its most representative traditions?!

We all love Christmas, is a lovely time we love to get together with our family and friends. It’s the time to celebrate, create and share special moments. It’s about traditions 😊

Schokolade Adventkalender

Where do Advent calendars come from?

Advent calendars originated in the German protestant church around 1.850. It is presumed that the first one was in fact made in 1851. 

These original calendars are one of the most popular Christmas traditions in Germany. They were so welcomed and loved that their popularity didn´t stay here, but it spread to the European and later to the American continent. 

This tradition was mainly aimed at children. However, as the years went by, adults also received them and enjoyed their portion of (usually) chocolate every day.

How do Advent calendars work?

Advent calendars represent a countdown from December 1st to Christmas Eve, on December 24th. Each number is assigned to a window or door, which you have to open every day. Behind each one of them is usually a surprise chocolate. However, nowadays there are all kinds of fillings.

But, since we love them and live for them, let’s stick to the tradicional and most popular filling: chocolates! 😊

Are you looking for some advent calendar ideas?

The easiest and more practical way to have an advent calendar is, of course, to buy one 😊.  On the other hand, if you want to get creative and do something with your own hands, then making your own work of art is the way to go

How about if you get a collection of different craft chocolates? You need 24 chocolates for 24 days, and you can choose whatever you want according to your food preferences: classic milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, vegan chocolate, and chocolates with nuts, or you can even go the extra mile and have chocolates with spices, fruits or even flowers. 

Or how about if you create a mixed and versatil calendar? Beside making your loved ones happy with craft chocolate, you could also add to your version other types of presents. For example, cosmetic/home/car products, office supplies and even books. Get creative and have fun!

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Or of on the other hand, you are just looking to share delicious, fair trade and sustainable chocolate gifts to share with family and friends, we have got your covered. Certainly, perfect for this season!

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