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10 Ideas to celebrate Chocolate day

There are a number of days around the year, when we celebrate the “International Chocolate Day”, and July 7th is one of them. So why not celebrate this day as well ?!? As chocolate lovers, it’s not like we need an excuse to indulge in our favorite food. πŸ˜‰ But let’s be honest, we can […]

10 Signs you are a chocoholic

If you loooove chocolate as much as we do, then this is an important article for you. Have you ever wondered if you are a chocoholic? Why? Because choco lovers share many similarities. Yes, we love chocolate, but it goes beyond that. We think and dream about it 😊. Keep reading to find out 10 […]

10 reasons to eat dark chocolate

Chocolate tastes amazing, I think we’re all clear about that. The aroma, the texture, the flavour, everything about it is just great 😊. But, did you know that our favorite treat has also great benefits for your health? Yes, you are reading correctly, there are many reasons to eat dark chocolate, but what is most […]

The Story of advent calendars

We are finally getting closer to the most special time of the year: Christmas! And, what would Christmas be without advent calendars, one of its most representative traditions?! We all love Christmas, is a lovely time we love to get together with our family and friends. It’s the time to celebrate, create and share special […]

Autumn flavors to enjoy in chocolate

When you think of fall, what flavors come to mind? Typically, you think of pumpkin. But there are so many traditional flavors that combined with chocolate would make the treat for this autumn. As the days are getting colder, let’s find some chocolates to get us into the fall spirit. πŸ˜‰

The best hot chocolate

A creamy delicious cup of hot chocolate, the perfect treat for this autumn. As the days are getting colder, there is nothing better than a cup of hot chocolate.Β  πŸ˜‰

Enjoy chocolate and cut down on sugar

Most of us love chocolate, and many of us have a favorite bar we go to for good and bad days. But at the same time, we all wish to eat less sugar. Now, what if we tell you can keep eating delicious chocolates, while consuming less sugar.

Ingredients in Chocolate

We all love chocolate, but do you know what ingredients are in your favorite chocolate bar? Or have you ever wondered what that other 30% is in your 70% bar? One thing is for sure: when it comes to chocolate ingredients, we can always say: less is more! πŸ˜‰