Bean to Bar Chocolate

Have you ever heard the term “Bean to bar” in chocolate?

Or have you ever wondered what is it all about?

The term “Bean to Bar” is used to describe the chocolate making process. Like its name clearly states, it describes the process from the cocoa “bean” to the chocolate “Bar”. It is used to describe chocolate makers who own and control every step of the production process.

Bean to bar chocolate

It is often related to small craft chocolate companies, since it’s a term that became relevant with the creation of these small companies. But also (and most importantly), because craft chocolate makers have a closer look into their quality control process, offer a healthier product (with no additives or chemicals) and ensure transparency in their supply chain to support fair and direct trade with farmers.

Many big companies own all the steps in their chocolate production, making them also bean to bar makers, but their focus is on mass volume productions, ensuring the same taste of the products and buying at commodity prices.

There are even new trends being created every day:

  • Tree to bar –  those who own/work the cocoa plantations and cocoa trees, and transform them to chocolate bar.
  • Bean to bonbon –  instead of producing a bar, they focus in bonbons or pralines.

The list is becoming infinite, and more craft chocolate and trends are taking place every day.


The Craft Chocolate Movement

The Craft chocolate movement has already several years in many countries like the USA and UK. Many already known brands are even available in some supermarkets. But in other countries, it still a relatively unknown product. For example, in countries like Germany or Spain, you might need to go to special chocolate stores, since you will not be able to find them common stores. But we see the trend. Like with specialty coffee, every day more and more people are looking for higher quality chocolate products.

Even in cacao growing regions, new small chocolate makers are developing their skills and becoming the first ones in the Bean-to-Bar field in their countries.

The wonderful and delicious revolution is catching up. Join it now!

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