Vegan choco spread

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice and chocolatey spread on a bread or pancake? I mean, it’s just yummy to take a break from the routine to enjoy something delicious for a few minutes.

Sugar-free choco-banana pancakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes? And, who can resist the wonderful combination of chocolate and bananas? We surely can´t!  😊 That’s why we’re sharing with you today one of our favorite recipes: sugar-free choco-banana pancakes! 

Easy choco cookies

Pairing: Chocolate & Cheese

Chocolate & Cheese 101 Is Chocolate and Cheese a thing? Oh absolutely! So many flavors individually, imagine what you can get when combined.

Recipe: 5 min Chocolate Banana Bread

5 Min Chocolate Banana Bread Definitely! This is our favorite banana bread recipe and one we have recommended for years. First of all, it’s a chocolate banana bread!!!! This already makes it unique, and of course delicious.

Pairings: Chocolate & Coffee

Chocolate & Coffee?!? Oh Yes! Two different beans, but with so much on common! Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. And, chocolate… well, we all know how much we love chocolate!

Pairings: Chocolate & Rum

Chocolate & Rum?!? Oh Yes. Simply.. the perfect pair! Chocolate and rum have similar origins, since both cacao trees and sugar cane grow in warm and humid regions, normally close to the equator.