Pairings: Chocolate & Coffee

Chocolate & Coffee?!?

Oh Yes! Two different beans, but with so much on common!

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. And, chocolate… well, we all know how much we love chocolate!

Coffee and Chocolate… a little background information

Both have similar origins, since they both grow 20 degrees north and south from the Equator. This region is known as “coffee belt” or “cacao belt”, and with its sunny and humid tropical climate, provides the perfect terroir, soil and landscape.

Coffee beans and cacao beans have both similar processes for growing and drying and, as we know, both offer incredible deep and complex aromas, going from nutty to even fruity flavors.

As with most pairings, there are no specific rules on which chocolate to pair with a exact coffee. We recommend to start with the basic flavors you might want to taste like: sweet, sour, bitter, and salty.

Now, we do have some tips we can share with you.

Curious? Then, let’s dive straight into it!

Combine and experiment

Black coffee and Espresso pair best with milk chocolate, since the creaminess of the milk chocolate softens the bitterness or acidity some coffees might have. While coffee-milk beverages, like Cappuccino and Latte pair best with dark chocolate.

And, if you want to go one step further, you might want to search for specific origins and combine complimentary or contrasting flavors based on the beans single origin.

For example, Colombian and Brazilian coffees have typically chocolaty and nutty flavors and you could try pairing them with some Venezuelan chocolates which very often have nutty flavors as well. This would be pairing complimentary flavors. You can also go for contrasting flavors, and pair for example a Chocolate from Madagascar, with typically offers fruity and citric flavors, with a Guatemalan coffee, known for it’s chocolaty, spicy, and sometimes even and floral flavors.

If you want to learn more about single-origin coffee, check out the Espresso and Coffee Guide.

Just remember, food tasting and pairing is an art. There is no right or wrong!

Let’s experiment and have fun!

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