Pairings: Chocolate & Rum

Chocolate & Rum?!?

Oh Yes. Simply.. the perfect pair!

Chocolate and rum have similar origins, since both cacao trees and sugar cane grow in warm and humid regions, normally close to the equator.

Rum has plenty of intense notes that pair wonderfully with the creamy, woody and fruity (and so many more) flavors of chocolate.

As a general tip, we suggest to pair sweeter chocolates with younger rums, and the older rums with the higher cocoa percentage chocolates.

We even like to match white rums with white or milk chocolates, while dark chocolates (70 or higher) with at least 12 years aged rums.

Rum and Chocolate Tasting in Chocoa, Amsterdam

We joined last February a chocolate and rum tasting in the Chocoa Festival in Amsterdam, with Venezuelan Rum and Venezuela Chocolate. Definitely a match made in heaven!

Three bars from Chocolates El Rey with three rums from Diplomatico (or Botucal as they are known in Germany).

The white chocolate “Icoa” paired beautifully with the white Planas rum, exalting all the fruity flavors from the rum. While the 61% Mijao bar was paired with the Mantuano rum, highlighting the dried fruit notes from the chocolate. The last pair, was Reserva Exclusiva with the Gran Samán 70% chocolate. Sophisticated and intense flavors, which definitely brought your senses to a whole other level.

Combine and experiment

Another interesting experiment is to pick one rum, and pair it with different chocolates to see what you can get.

In our last corporate tasting, we offered 4 chocolate bars from Zotter, going through the whole range of chocolates: White, Milk chocolate from Ecuador, a dark bar from Guatemala and one last 70% cacao – 30% milk with no sugar. We selected 2 rums, the Angostura 1919 from Trinidad and El Dorado from Guyana, and paired them both with every chocolate.

Some paired beautifully, bringing out exciting aromas, like coconut, smoky sensations and even Baileys-like flavors. Other combinations were not ideal, but that’s the whole point, to try and find what new combinations.

Remember, food tasting and pairing is an art. There is no right or wrong!

Just experiment and have fun!

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