Enjoy chocolate and with less sugar?

Of course! Tips to enjoy chocolate and cut down on sugar

Most of us love chocolate, and many of us have a favorite bar we go to for good and bad days. But at the same time, we all wish to eat less sugar.

Now, what if we tell you can keep eating delicious chocolates, while consuming less sugar.

Sugar Free Chocolate

Enjoying healthy chocolate

From lowering your blood pressure to improving your cognitive function, every day more and more studies are recommending to keep eating chocolate due to its health benefits. But most commercial chocolates have huge amounts of sugar that counteract all the positive benefits. So, what to do?

The good news is, less sugar doesn’t necessarily mean less chocolate. Now a days, there are many options to cut down on sugar while we keep enjoying the many known benefits of chocolate.

Whether you are trying to eliminate completely your sugar intake or you are looking for healthier options, here are some tips to keep enjoying chocolate:

The darker the better

The higher the cacao percentage, the less sugar the chocolate bar contains. Try to get chocolates with at least 70%, and you not only get less sugar, but also more cocoa benefits.

We recommend the following dark chocolate bars:

Go for Dark Milk chocolates

Since a couple of years, dark milk chocolate has been going around, and if dark chocolate is not your thing this is a great alternative. The high cocoa content and the extra milk in a bar, also means less sugar. This is a great opportunity for milk chocolate lovers who want to keep enjoying creamy and mild chocolate.

Some dark milk chocolates that we believe you can enjoy:

Sugar Free Milk Chocolate

You can even go dark milk with no sugar at all. Sugar free milk chocolate! Sounds interesting, right? It’s a great option for those of us who want to cut down on sugar completely. No at all sweet, but with mild and creamy taste. The Austrian chocolate makers, Zotter has a couple of bars with no added sugar. Check out the following bars:

100% sugar free chocolate!

Last but not least, we can also go for 100% chocolates. Pure cacao! No milk! No sugar!

Sophisticated, elegant and strong! The healthiest chocolates, but it takes some getting used to it. If you haven’t tried a 100% chocolate bar, we recommend you start with the above. But if you have, we have great options for you to continue in the sugar free journey:

Whether you choose to go for dark milk options or for intense 100% chocolates, there are many options to reduce your sugar intake, while we keep enjoying delicious chocolates! You just need to find the right one for you!

You are still not sure what is the right chocolate for you?

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