Enjoy white chocolate

Is white chocolate real chocolate?

First of all, let‘s clarify the most important thing about white chocolate: White chocolate is chocolate!

There are many detractors out there, who say otherwise. However, we just have to learn a little bit about its production process in order to know the truth.

So, let‘s talk about this fascinating creation 😊

white chocolate is real chocolate

There are 4 (most common) types of white chocolate: classic white, blond, flavoured and alternative milk.

And yes, there are other variations on the market that don‘t fit in this classification. But, truth be told, many of them shouldn‘t even deserve to be called white chocolate. According to the EU guidelines, if a chocolate bar has 20% cocoa butter and 14% milk powder, it’s considered white chocolate.

But what is cocoa butter?

Cocoa butter is the magic ingredient responsible for the smoothness in chocolates and has great health benefits.

Cocoa butter, also known as theobroma oil, is a fat extracted from the cocoa bean. Because of the word butter, you may think it contains dairy, but it doesn’t. This “butter” is a vegetable fat, therefore is a vegan product.  It has the flavor and aroma of cocoa, and it is not only used in the food industry, but also in the cosmetics industry.

The problem with the food industry is that its priority is to sell at any cost. It doesn‘t matter which ingredients are used, how they are obtained, and whether or not they are good for consumer‘s health. What matters is that products taste „good“ (not really!) and are cheap.

Take a look at the chocolates in this chart and tell me, what is the first ingredient and in what percentage?

Correct, cocoa butter with a least 30%!

You should be aiming high (the higher the better!), if you want to enjoy a delicious and real white chocolate!

The higher cocoa butter percentage, less quantity of other ingredients.

Please run away from chocolates with a long list of ingredients. Even if you see vanilla or vanillin aromas, that’s not really what you’re getting. Those are residues of the wood of the trees that have nothing to do with authentic vanilla.

Our gold recommendation for you: look for craft white chocolate. You deserve to eat a quality product!

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