Our February Subscription box

It’s amazing that it’s is already February, and we are about to celebrate Valentine’s day.

We all know what Valentine’s day is all about. But have you ever taken a moment to think… to actually think that you are actually celebrating romance and the love you have with that very special person next to you.

In some countries, especially Spanish speaking countries, February 14th is also considered Friendship day, and relationships with all of family and friends is celebrated.

So, to celebrate this very special month, we gathered 4 very special chocolate bars. including dark, milk and white chocolate bars to share with your loved ones.  So, let’s jump right into it.

Morin   – Jamaika Marvia 63%

The first one in our list is 63% dark chocolate bar, crafted with Jamaican cacao. The Chocolaterie A. Morin is a traditional French family business, a bean-to-bar chocolate maker, whose experience in the production of premium chocolate dates to 1884. They offer a large range of chocolates from different regions of the world, all with different aromatic profiles.

Tasting profile: this bar offers a strong chocolaty sensation, with aromas of yellow tropical fruits with vanilla, and a slight earthy and woody after taste.

Chocolate Story – Ghana 70% Grand Cru

The brand “Chocolate Story” belongs to Manufaktura Czekolady. They are the only bean-to-bar chocolate producer in Poland. Hand-made and small batch producer that focus on the real, natural and authentic taste of high-quality cacao beans.

Winner of a silver medal at the Academy of Chocolate in 2016, this bar is crafted with cacao from Ghana. The cacao used for this bar is considered to be one of the country’s best. As part of the Grand-Cru series created by the Chocolate Story Team, this bar was designed to share some unique tastes from the world.

Tasting profile: delicate and silky texture. To the palate: raisins, caramel and roasted hazelnuts flavours.

Mesjokke  – Stardust Milk 45%

With its motto “Milk chocolate from outer space”, this Mesjokke bar is crafted with Trinitario beans from Madagascar and organic unrefined sugar from Mauritius.

Founded by 4 friends who had a young dream to make responsible and delicious chocolate, Mesjokke is a small Bean-to-Bar chocolate maker from Utrecht in the Netherlands.  Passionate about chocolate, they trained with the famous Lithuanian chocolate maker, Chocolate Naïve, where they learned the basics of bean-to-bar chocolate making. Today they have 4 bars that go from dark, milk to white chocolate, and with packaging that reflects heavenly feelings and flavours.

Tasting Notes: intense caramel notes with fruity aftertaste and a hint of saltiness.

Zotter – Labooko Fine White Chocolate reduced sugar (2 bars)

And last but not least. A white chocolate bar that has an intense 40% cocoa butter. It is produced with milk from the mountain farms in the Austrian region of Tyrol, and furthermore has only 20% sugar, which makes it stand out from other white chocolates. Finally, a hint of vanilla rounds up the experience to enhance the sweetness in this chocolate.

Located in Austria, Zotter is certainly one of the first European Bean-to-Bar chocolate makers. First of all, they focus on variety, quality and creativity. But they also give importance to sustainability, with 100% organic and fair-trade chocolate.

Tasting Notes: first of all, you can find mild sweet vanilla and whipped cream flavours.  You can also identify a hint of citrus fruit, and a milky finish.

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We believe every chocolate bar has a story to tell and we want to share it with you. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you!

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