History of hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is amazing, specially on cold days. There’s nothing better than taking a break to enjoy this tasty beverage. I mean, what’s not to like about it? The aroma, the taste, the warmth, all these things just make us happy. Actually, that´s a a scientific fact: chocolate releases endorphins that make you happy 😊

Hot chocolate is quite normal for all of us nowadays and we can find it everywhere, but how was it at the beginning?

history hot chocolate

How did everything start?

The chocolate from earlier days was very different from what we know today. It was very expensive, and therefore not available for everyone. Chocolate bars didn’t show up to the world until mid-1800s. So, before that time, when someone talked about chocolate, they were referring only to the beverage.

The history of hot chocolate goes way back in time. Thousands of years ago, the Aztec, Mayan and Olmec cultures, present in Central America and Mexico, used to drink it (mostly for a ceremony or for medical purposes). These cultures used to cultivate the cacao tree, and transformed the beans into a drink. However, their version was very different from what we know today. It wasn’t served hot, there was no sugar in it, it was flavored with spices and there was no milk in it, just water.

Then, after the discovery of America, cacao made its way to Europe, where it underwent several changes. The spanish version was similar to what we know today, it was served sweetened and warm. This new drink gained huge popularity (like coffee or tea), however it still remained something for the elite for about two centuries.

As time went by, chocolate was made accessible to everyone´s pocket. Now drinking hot chocolate was not only for the upper class, but something that everyone could enjoy. The popularity of this great beverage has stayed alive until today, and we can’t just imagine the world without it.

Now that you know how everything started, it’s time to get creative and have fun trying different versions of this delicious drink. Try some spices, nuts or even wine. Train your senses and enjoy the variety of flavors and aromas!

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