10 ideas on how to celebrate the international chocolate day

There are a number of days around the year, when we celebrate the “International Chocolate Day”, and July 7th is one of them. So why not celebrate this day as well ?!?

As chocolate lovers, it’s not like we need an excuse to indulge in our favorite food. 😉
But let’s be honest, we can always find a good reason to enjoy our favorite chocolate.

It’s unclear why who came up with this yummy food day, but we can tell that the world has been celebrating it since 2009. And if you want to keep this tradition alive, here are some ideas on how to celebrate Chocolate day this week.

10 Ideas to celebrate the International Chocolate Day

1- Indulge in a delicious chocolate dessert. Maybe a classic brownie, an exciting chocolate mousse.

2- Chocolate for breakfast? Oh Yes! Get creative this weekend, and start the day the best way.. with chocolate! Maybe a chocolate smoothie, or add some chocolate pieces to your oatmeal.

3- Learn about chocolate. As with coffee, the world of chocolate is in constant change. So check out new origins, or learn about the term Craft or Bean to Bar chocolate. It’s great to learn about our favorite food.

4- Prepare a chocolate dessert at home. That always works to lift me up!

5- Read about chocolate. Find a book you or your kids can enjoy. Find out where chocolate grows and how it is made. At the end of day, its always interesting to learn about our favorite food.

6- Explore your dark side. We know you don’t need another reason to eat chocolate, but we have one more. There are countless studies that confirm that chocolate can be a healthy sweet. You just have to remember the darker the better. Maybe 85%? 90%? or why not a 100%

7- Cold Chocolate drink. We tend to think about chocolate drinks as a hot beverage, but doesn’t have true. Prepare a delicious cold, frothy chocolate milk shake, that will make you forget about everything else.

8 – Go for a walk, and enjoy a chocolate ice cream. The pleasure of small things in life.

9- Host a chocolate tasting with friends. Want to plan something different this weekend? Invite some friends and taste different chocolates, with different flavors and from different origins. Need a little help setting it up? Check out our Chocolate Tasting set.

10 – Or keep it simple, and go get your favorite chocolate bar. That almost “guilty pleasure” bar you never get.

Whatever you decide, your can’t go wrong. The best way is to simply enjoy the moment!

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