International Chocolate Awards

Can you imagine if there were chocolate competitions to find the world’s best chocolates?

Well, actually they do exist!

 Just like for wine, there are many events taking place all over the world, created to recognize excellence in fine chocolate making. 

They try to make consumers more aware of the hard work and the craft that goes into the best fine chocolate products.


Every year many competitions take place to recognize the best chocolate bars in the world. By helping to identify the best chocolate made with the best cacao, these competitions hope to support the work that chocolate makers, chocolatiers and farmers do, while producing the world’s best chocolate.

Every region recognizes the chocolates and makers from the region, which also later participate in the global Awards.

International Chocolate awards for Europe, Middle East and Africa

The competition

Last July, the International Chocolate awards for Europe, Middle East and Africa took place in Copenhagen. This event recognised many bean-to-bar chocolate makers from the region like: Bonnat Chocolat, Friis Holm Chocolate, Chocolaterie Morin Kilian & Close, Bean Geeks chocolates, and so many more… To find out the complete list of winners in each category, visit the International Chocolate Awards website.

This was the 5th Interantional Chocolate awards focusing in bars produced in this region, and it was the first competition focusing only on bars of all types made by bean-to-bar chocolate makers. And for the first time, it included flavoured inclusions, infusions and filled bars made directly from cacao beans.

The craft chocolate revolution is catching up

Having started in the US, they have been leading the craft chocolate movement, but one big highlight of this summer’s competition is that Europe is catching up.  For the first time, close to 500 bars were competing this year. Participation included small new choclate makers from Easern Europe, as well as known French and Belgian makers.

This wonderful and delicious revolution continous to grow and is catching up all over the world. Don’t miss it and Join it now!

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