The perfect hot chocolate for autumn

After enjoying the hot summer temperatures, the third season of the year has arrived. Autumn is a beautiful time, as we can observe the charming transformation that nature makes.

The temperatures fall and with it the leaves of the trees. This is a process that takes weeks, and while it is completed, we can enjoy the amazing colors leaves take, from shiny yellow to intense red.

As cold temperatures arrive, we feel the need to get warm. So, we no longer drink cold drinks like in summer, but instead we choose something that warms us from the inside up. And what goes better with cold temperatures than a nice cup of hot chocolate?!

We all love classic hot chocolate, but we don’t have to stay there. We can get creative and start a new adventure making this delicious drink. There are many ingredients and combinations that go very well with cold temperatures and the grey and rainy days.

You can even make a hobby out of it! Get some new ingredients and maybe some new mugs, and stimulate not only your sense of smell and taste, but also your sight with bright colors and nice motives. Let your imagination fly 😊

Here are some tips to make the perfect hot chocolate this autumn:

-First of all, try some spices!

There are several of them that can help you get warm. For example: ginger, chili, cayenne pepper, nutmeg, cumin, allspice, and of course the classics we all love: cinnamon and vanilla.

-It’s time to go nuts!

Nuts are an amazing combination to everything, and hot chocolate is not the exception.

Be creative and try all of them: cashews, almonds, pecans, macadamias, hazelnuts, walnuts and even pistachios. They all add extra creaminess to that perfect cup of chocolate!

-Let´s try something edgy. Get some wine!

If you are a wine lover, you definitely have to try this combination.  Perfect for an evening watching a movie or for sharing it with your best friend.

Train your senses and enjoy the variety of flavors and aromas.

Allow yourself to be creative and try something new. Adjust your creations to your food style, and add milk, cream and/or sugar as you wish. Maybe none of them?! Nowadays we have so many options such as: rice/almond/soya milk, vegan creams and stevia or other sweeteners.

Need help making the best hot chocolate? We can help you select some great drinking craft chocolates and we can tell you how to make the best one 😊

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