10 Signs you are a chocoholic

If you loooove chocolate as much as we do, then this is an important article for you. Have you ever wondered if you are a chocoholic?

Why? Because choco lovers share many similarities. Yes, we love chocolate, but it goes beyond that. We think and dream about it 😊.

Keep reading to find out 10 signs you are chocoholic.

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10 signs you might be a chocoholic

  1. You’ll eat it in any form: bars, desserts, spreads, all of them!
  2. You have your own chocolate stash: come on, admit that you have one special choco spot at home where you keep your treasure.
  3.  You find it hard to share your chocolate: I mean, sharing is nice, but my chocolate?!
  4.  At a restaurant, you immediately look at the dessert menu for a chocolate option: sadly, you won’t always find one, but you will always keep looking.
  5. You have a preferred chocolate brand and / or bar: there are great options, but you have a special place in your heart for that special chocolate.
  6. You find yourself reading the ingredients of chocolate in the isles of the supermarkets: this is important because you want and deserve quality.
  7. You have had heated conversation about chocolate with family and friends: oh yes, that’s a great topic to talk about.
  8. You truly believe that there are no people who wouldn’t like chocolate bars: it’s just not real! I mean, how can that be??
  9. You think this cocoa product is able to replace breakfast, lunch or dinner? Think twice!: there is just no right or wrong when it comes to eating a nice chocolate.
  10. You are always learning about chocolate: buying books or visiting chocolate museums is part of your life. It´s so a fascinating world!

So tell me, did you find yourself in these lines? If so, then you my friend are a chocoholic just like we are.

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