Our Craft Chocolate Subscription

Join our chocolate subscription to receive a unique selection of craft chocolates from the best chocolate makers in the world.

We search and carefully select the finest Bean to Bar & Craft chocolate, to share with you a delicious experience, for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

Every box has delicious, fair trade and sustainable chocolates.


Over 35 Worldwide Craft Chocolate Makers


Healthy, Fair & Sustainable.


Free Shipping to Germany. Other countries €3,70 – € 5.95


Made with Love from the bean to the bar to you!

Our Promise

eat Dark chocolate

Delicious Chocolate

We believe ” life is too short for bad chocolate”. We taste and sample every bar before we add it to our boxes, to ensure you receive the best chocolate bars from the best chocolate makers.

cacao and terroir

Fair & Direct Trade

Our partners handcraft their chocolate only with the best fair-trade cacao beans and high quality ingredients from around the world.


Every piece connects us all with the effort of all those who work every day to ensure that we can enjoy chocolate. Therefore, we work exclusively with makers that support the farmers and their regions.

How our chocolate subscription works?

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Chocolate subscription 1 Box

€ 27.99

1 Box 

√  One time payment

Shipment to Germany included                              .



Craft chocolate subscription flex

€ 24.99 / month

1 Box per month

Monthly Payment

Shipment to Germany included

100% Flexible: Cancel / pause any time


3-Months craft chocolate subscription

€ 74.97

3 Months Subscription 

One time payment

Shipment to Germany included

Automatically cancelled after the 3rd month


What our customers are saying?

“I have been a big fan of chocolate so far, but now, that I know how actual chocolate tastes like – I might not wanna buy “super market” chocolates anymore.


“My box got lost and True Chox did everything in their hands to find it.




“I didn’t like chocolate, until I tried bean to bar chocolates.

Now I can’t wait for my monthly chocolate box to arrive.”  


Still not sure?

Check out our Subscription “How it works” Guide to answer all your questions.