New Suppliers

We are always looking for new small batch, bean to bar chocolate makers, and we want to surprise ourselves and especially our customers with interesting stories, and amazing and unexpected flavours behind chocolate.

We are interested in small batch producers, short supply chains with 100% transparency, direct trade and of course commitment from farmer to consumer.

Currently we focus only on bean to bar chocolate bars (no pralines, or truffles, or bars made from couverture or other brand’s chocolate).

If you think your chocolate bars would be a great fit with this and you would like to help us in our mission to inspire people to eat better chocolate, please contact us at and tell us a little about you, or send us samples at the following address, ensuring you take cover all transportation and import costs (if any):

True Chox (SevenShift GmbH)

Im Mediapark 5

(c/o Startplatz)

50670 Cologne, Germany.