Best Mother’s / Father’s Day Chocolate Gifts

Moms and dads are the people who love us the most: they cared for us, fed us, played with us and gave us everything we needed while growing up. They are the people, who just love us unconditionally. So we are always looking for that special gift for “their day”. We want to share some tips to selecting the best Mother’s / Father’s day chocolate gifts

Although we think we don’t have to wait for one special day to honor them and have a nice gesture with them, there are two days that serve this purpose: Mother´s and Father´s day.

mother´s & father´s day chocolate gifts

Mother’s day

In 1914 Mother´s day was celebrated for the first time in the USA as a national holiday. The celebration became very popular, it spread internationally and it was introduced to Germany for the first time in 1923.

This special day to honor moms is not a public holiday. However, since it is celebrated on a Sunday (the second one of May in Germany and many other countries), mothers always have a “free day”.

Traditionally, flowers and chocolates are the “go to” gifts for mom. But if you want to give it a twist, check out some ideas below.

Father’s day

The origin of Father´s day, as we know it today, goes back to 1909 in the USA. However, long before that in the eighteenth century, there was a certain celebration in Germany to reward dads, who had the most children.

In Germany, Father´s day falls on Ascension Day (39 days after Easter Sunday). Therefore, it´s an indirect public holiday.

Although chocolates are not always the first idea for dads, we know they will enjoy them.

Some ideas for Mother’s & Father’s Day Chocolate gifts

Here are a few original chocolate ideas to make mom and dad happy, because who doesn’t love chocolate?! 😊

  • Choco club subscription: receive each month 4 new craft chocolate bars. Why gift only once, when you can share happiness over and over again!.
  • Choco-fondue set: fondue maker & chocolate.
  • Choco-tasting set: choose a set for dark, sugar free, white or milk chocolate lovers. And then, try something exotic like a pairing with cheese!
  • Gift certificate for an online chocolate tasting event.
  • Photo book set: a photo book of your favorite moments together & some craft chocolates to enjoy while going back memory lane.

Now that you have some very nice gifts ideas for Mother’s / Father’s Day, it’s time to choose one to show mom and dad some choco love on their special day 😊.

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