Chocolate & Valentines Day

Why do we give chocolates on St. Valentine’s Day?

We all relate chocolates with Valentine’s day, but how did we get to that association? How was this tradition created? Why do we give chocolates on St. Valentine’s Day?

The celebration of St .Valentine´s day goes back to the Roman Era, but the association with chocolate is relatively new. Back in the 19th century, Richard Cadbury (member of a chocolate manufacturers´ family) came to the idea of making chocolate bars that were accessible to everyone (since chocolate was very expensive at the time and only available to the elite class).

Then, since symbols like roses and cupids were very popular back in Victorian days, he used them as symbols for his new genius creation: romantic heart-shaped chocolate boxes!  These boxes served two purposes: as containers for the new, high appealing and delicious product, and as a storage box for love letters or something else from your loved one. A great romance idea!

It is well known that Cadbury wasn’t a romantic. So, this new concept was rather a brilliant and very successful marketing idea, than a romantic, loved focused one. And, it is very interesting to see that this concept of beautiful package design has stayed alive until today.

Valentines day chocolate gifts

But, why was chocolate the chosen one for this celebration?

Giving chocolates on Valentine’s Day is a worldwide tradition. Actually, chocolates with red roses are the second most popular gift on this day. Millions are spent every year on this tradition. But why exactly chocolates?

First of all, chocolate tastes amazing. What’s not to like about it?!

Second, chocolate was seen as something really special. Cadbury made it accessible to everyone´s pocket, but it used to be only for the upper classes, so it had an inspirational and premium flair. It made women feel special!

Third, chocolate was and still is considered to be aphrodisiac, and since this celebration is about love, it makes sense that chocolates are linked to it. The idea was to make the loved one open to romance.

And last but not least, eating chocolate makes you happy and increases energy. That´s a great way to express love!

Now that you know how this tradition came to life, it’s time to get some craft, fair trade and quality chocolates to make your loved one feel special.

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