Is all chocolate vegan?

Your Guide to vegan chocolate

Is chocolate vegan? The simplest answer is… it depends! 😉

Chocolate comes from cocoa beans and cocoa butter, so it should be vegan friendly, but….

In order to transform cocoa into delicious chocolate, several other ingredients have to be added, and this is when it gets complicated. The best way to ensure a chocolate is dairy free, is to check the ingredient list.

vegan chocolate

Dark chocolate – the vegan safe option

The typical ingredients of dark chocolate are: Cocoa beans and sugar.  So, it definitely should be vegan friendly, right?

But, (Watch out!) not all is black and white in the world of chocolate. A dark chocolate might, on occasions, not be vegan, when animal fats are used to make the chocolate extra creamy. High quality chocolate should only be produced with cocoa butter, and no other fats. Sadly, too often other butters or fats are used in mass produced chocolates to reduce production costs. Some examples would be butter fat and/or  palm oil.

Tip: Be careful, that even if many would be vegetable fats and vegan friendly, they are not necessarily healthy. Therefore we always recommend to check the ingredient list, to make sure you know what you are eating,

Are Milk and white chocolate a no go?

Milk and white chocolates are normally off limits for vegans. But, the good news is, with the rise of veganism, many chocolate makers are now more than ever creating milk chocolate with vegan alternatives. Often called Mylks, these are vegan alternatives to animal milks. The most common in chocolate have been coconut and soy milk, and since the end 2019 a rise of oat Milk chocolate has been visible.

Tips to make sure you are keeping it vegan

1- If you are looking for the healthiest and more natural experience, look for high cacao percentage chocolates. ideally between 65% – 100%.

2- Avoid chocolates with long ingredient list and avoid weird additives in chocolate

3- If sweet and creamy is your thing, then look for Milk chocolates with vegan milk alternatives, like coconut, almond, soy and oat milk.

Now, one more time… Can chocolate be vegan?  It can be!

High quality dark chocolate is typically vegan. The craft chocolate revolution is all about that: the highest quality standards with the best ingredients. All our chocolate partners respectfully transform the cacao bean to final chocolate bars, with complete transparency in the process and no hidden ingredients. Check out the vegan chocolates in our library to try some of the world’s best lactose free chocolates.

Keep tasting chocolate until you find your favorite!

You are still not sure what is the right chocolate for you?

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